Trio to learn in September if VLAD fight is a success

A LIBRARIAN, a tattoo artist and a bikie with a previous cocaine conviction will find out in September if their High Court bid to have the state's anti-bikie legislation overturned has been successful.

Hells Angel bikie Stefan Kuczborski, who is the face of the United Motorcycle Council of Queensland funded challenge, claimed earlier this year the laws were unjust and invalid.

Aspects of the legislation which are being challenged include extended prison terms for bikies, bans on members of declared criminal organisations meeting in public and solitary confinement for jailed gang members.

Kuczborski said, earlier this year when lodging the challenge, he moved to Australia to escape communist Poland.

"I want to live in a free society where I am judged for what I do, not what I associate with or who I am friends with," he said.

"The Hells Angels are not a danger to the community.

"It is a brotherhood. If individuals have committed crimes that is why we have got a criminal justice system."

The Queensland Government introduced tough new laws targeting criminal motorcycle gangs and their associates in the wake of the bikie brawl last September on the Gold Coast.

The brawl, which involved more than 30 people, was the final straw in the eyes of the government.

Premier Campbell Newman said in March he was not surprised the gangs had challenged the laws.

"We always said they would be challenged," he said.

"Of course criminal enterprises would seek to keep their criminal operations, extortion, stand over tactics and drug distribution going."

The High Court challenge will be heard on September 2 in Brisbane.