FOREVER REMEMBERED: Jeremy Newitt was killed when his ute hit a tree in North Bundaberg on May 28, his devastated mum Annette Cella has spoken about the devastating impact on those who loved hm.
FOREVER REMEMBERED: Jeremy Newitt was killed when his ute hit a tree in North Bundaberg on May 28, his devastated mum Annette Cella has spoken about the devastating impact on those who loved hm.

Tributes for Jeremy as mum tells of grief behind road toll

SENT to make his family laugh and help them through tough times, Jeremy Newitt did just that.

Funny and determined, the 20-year-old had no interest in going to university but was already on the path to creating a financially secure life for himself and the love of his life, Siara Hughes.

The pair were inseparable and Jeremy's mum Annette Cella said it was family joke that Jeremy had managed to get himself such a beautiful girlfriend.

But with all the confidence of a young man, Jeremy would quip back, "I've just got it".

It's those fond memories that that will provide some comfort today as Annette, Siara and Jeremy's sisters, Joella, 26, and Rebekah, 23, together with friends and family, say goodbye to the young man, who died on May 28 when his ute hit a tree off Batchlers Rd, North Bundaberg.


FATAL: A person has been killed after a car hit a tree on Batchlers Rd at Bundaberg north.
DEVASTATING: Jeremy Newitt died when his car hit a tree along Batchlers Rd. Mike Knott BUN280519CAR6

And while Jeremy's death was just one added to the state's horrendous road toll over the past few weeks, for his friends and family, the emotional toll can't be measured in numbers.

"It's the most painful thing I've ever experienced. It's totally devastating," Ms Cella said.


"Siara is feeling it hard, they did everything together.

"She said he ticked all the boxes as a boyfriend and made her feel safe."

Ms Cella said Jeremy had always had an strong impact on those who loved him, helping his family through tough times, including the death of his father five years ago.

"I know that Jeremy was given to us for the purpose of making us laugh and giving us joy, he got us through some really hard times," she said.


Jeremy was born in Rockhampton and went to school in Tannum Sands and Miriam Vale before starting his final school years at Bundaberg State High School in 2014.

After graduating in 2016 Jeremy followed his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, making money by trading online.

"He'd spend time on the computer, at 3am he'd be there having conversations with mentors," Ms Cella said.

"And he was starting to reap the rewards ... but he didn't waste his money.

"He had his goals and he'd tell Siara about the future they were going to have together."

Jeremy also worked at a fabrication business in North Bundaberg. The crash that claimed his life happened on his way home after work.

His boss described him as the business's "trade assistant, web developer, IT support and flat-out awesome".

What caused the crash is still under investigation and Ms Cella doesn't know many details, but she said Jeremy was young, and many young men took risks without fully understanding the consequences.

"I don't know if it was reckless driving, but everyone just needs to slow down," she said.

"All the time I get passed on the road and I just think 'what's the hurry'. It's just not worth the risk."

While Ms Cella won't allow herself to have regrets, she urged parents to take more photographs of their teenagers, especially boys.

"I don't know if it's all teenage boys that don't like getting their photos taken," she said.

"But I don't have a lot of photos of Jeremy in the later years, especially on his own."

As a volunteer first responder with the Queensland Ambulance Service in the Turkey Beach/Miriam Vale area, Ms Cella doesn't know if, or when she'll be able to return to that role, but she said the support she'd received from QAS since Jeremy's death had been invaluable as she tried to come to terms with the tragedy.

"There's still a lot of disbelief, I'm trying to stay strong for everyone," she said.

Jeremy will be farewelled at Rose Chapel, 22 Toonburra St from 11am today.