David received the 2013 Ipswich City Council Australia Day Awards Ipswich Senior Citizen of the Year.
David received the 2013 Ipswich City Council Australia Day Awards Ipswich Senior Citizen of the Year.

Tribute to the life of David Donald: a cheeky, modest member

THE Ipswich Historical Society pay tribute to their late member, life member and patron - Mr David Donald.

David and his wife Betty joined the society in 2002 and together they worked tirelessly as part of the team upholding the vision of the society in preserving the history of Ipswich and looking to collect and conserve the heritage of Ipswich and its community.

Unfortunately, David suddenly lost Betty in 2011.

To David's credit, he continued with service to the society until recent times.

David spent most of his working life working in some clerical form for Aberdare Collieries in Ipswich. Hence the many mining type stories that he could tell and embellish was hilarious, entertaining and enormous.

David is well remembered as being an honest and true gentleman who truly loved people. Members recall that his contribution to the Ipswich Historical Society, and the Ipswich community in general, was enormous.

David gave much of his time to other organisations throughout his life as well, especially the Congregational Church community.

David Donald Sept 2018.
David Donald in September of last year.

David and his wife Betty lived in Ipswich all their lives.

This gave David a thorough knowledge of Ipswich people and events.

He was a tour guide with the society, a role which enabled him to relate stories of early Ipswich.

One member recalls that David could spin an entertaining yarn, with a twinkle in his eye, until they realised that this was one of his famous stories.

David will always be remembered at the society as the tour guide that would meet and greet visitors with his folder containing notes and a few stories about some of the artefacts on display.

We are not sure if he ever needed to open the folder.

Many members will remember David for his small yet almost never-ending packet of Liquorice All-sorts that he loved to share.

David loved formal times as well and loved to dress up in a shirt and tie.

The tie of course was always special and chosen for the occasion.

David liked to be active and help wherever he could. At times his efforts were the cause of some discomfort.

Only a few years ago he fell over while pruning some shrubs and landed on his bottom. He loved to show off the enormous black bruise he received from this. Cheeky and modest, that was David.

David loved to chip in to talks and presentations, especially if they were being given by local councillors or the Ipswich mayor. He had a quick wit and rye smile to go with that.

David was the son of a local builder and his upbringing had taught him many traits.

You always knew that if David asked if some old timber or items were spare or to be discarded that he had a further recyclable type use for the items.

One such item being any surplus timber that he could use in his home fireplace.

David is fondly remembered as a truly likeable character who helped fellow volunteers pass many happy hours of most enjoyable work for the Society.

Highlights of David's time with the society include when he became a life member in 2014, when he became a patron in 2015 and when he was voted in as the Ipswich Senior Citizen of the Year in 2013, a deserved award of which he was proud.

The society truly appreciates having been able to be part of his life because he has certainly been a wonderful part of the members and the societies members' lives.

David will be sadly missed by family and all, particularly members of the Ipswich Historical Society inc.