ON TRIAL: Churchable greyhound trainer Richard William Fall has pleaded not guilty to five child sex offences.
ON TRIAL: Churchable greyhound trainer Richard William Fall has pleaded not guilty to five child sex offences. Contributed

Greyhound trainer takes the stand to deny child sex attack

A GREYHOUND trainer accused of sexually abusing and raping a young girl has taken the stand to flatly deny the allegations levelled against him.

Churchable man Richard William Fall earlier this week pleaded not guilty to five child sex offences.

One of the accusations Mr Fall faces is that he grabbed the 10-year-old girl, told her he loved her and tried to kiss her.

"It's absolutely false - that absolutely did not happen," Mr Fall told the jurors at Ipswich District Court yesterday.

The incident was alleged to have taken place in March last year, while the girl was at Fall's house to witness a greyhound giving birth.

Mr Fall said the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been working at his property from time to time, after she moved into a house nearby.

The 45-year-old said for about four to six weeks the girl had been assisting him and his partner with tending to the greyhounds at their property.

"She would help with jobs around our kennels like holding the dogs while we were checking them, feeding them or collecting their bowls," he said.

"She was never obliged to come and help us, only when she wanted to. She enjoyed it."

Mr Fall said the girl had wanted to see puppies being born, so it was arranged for her to spend a night at his property to witness one of the greyhounds give birth.

He said other people were present during the birthing, including his partner of 11 years and their neighbour.

"The first pup was born about 11pm and the last one came out about 7am the next day," he said.

Mr Fall said the girl had been asleep on a mattress, which had been set up in one of the empty kennels, during the entire birthing event.

"I also had some sleeping arrangements; some matting to sleep on in the kennel next to where the dog was giving birth," he said.

"There was an empty kennel between myself and where the girl was sleeping.

"At no stage through the night did I enter into the kennel where she was sleeping or did she come out of that kennel until the next morning.

"I had no contact with her and was not left alone with her, for even one second, during that whelping."

Mr Fall said his partner woke the girl up the next morning, while he tended to other jobs till about 10am. He said he went to sleep after completing his duties.

Other accusations against Mr Fall include molesting the girl on another occasion when the two were alone in the kennel, showing her pornographic videos on his phone and digitally raping her while horse riding.

He dismissed those allegations as "fabrications".

"They're completely false," he said. "Did not ever happen."

The trial before Judge Sarah Bradley will conclude with summing up this morning.