Traffic cleared after burst sewerage main repair

NORTHBOUND lanes of the Centenary Highway have been reopened after a burst sewerage main caused traffic chaos on Friday and Saturday.

The right lane of the arterial road was closed at Jindalee for much of today after a sewerage main located 1.7m under ground burst.

Both northbound lanes have now been reopened with temporary line markings after sewerage repairs were completed.

Urban Utilities had earlier released a statement this morning, which said roadworks would continue throughout the day.

"Until roadworks are complete, diversions remain in place and motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible and seek alternative routes," the statement said.

"We're carrying out an engineering assessment of the pipe to determine whether further works are required."

The burst main caused traffic chaos for commuters throughout yesterday, with the Centenary Highway, Oxley Rd and Ipswich Rd backed up well into the western suburbs.

The incident has continued to affect traffic, as delays continue in the area.

Urban Utilities have advised commuters to avoid the area as they continue roadworks and investigations into the cause of the incident.