A tradie who pinched his bosses tools bragged about it on Facebook - and ended up busted.
A tradie who pinched his bosses tools bragged about it on Facebook - and ended up busted.

Tradie thief undone by Facebook brag spotted by the boss

A DUMB boast on Facebook chat about a tradies nicking his bosses tools was spotted by his annoyed former boss who got the police involved.

It led to the fired tradie Jacob Sampson being charged.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard a police investigation led to a search of Sampson's Riverview home where officers found cannabis seeds, drug related items, and an unsecured gun.

Jacob Bartholomew Sampson, 30, pleaded guilty to breaking into premises at Walloon to steal between May 3 and May 6; possession of an unregistered firearm at Riverview on May 18; being a licensee who did not have secure storage of a weapon; producing dangerous drugs; and possession of drug utensils.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Dave Shelton said police searched a shed at Sampson's property and found a grinder, set of scales, glass water pipe.

Four cannabis seedlings were growing in pots and a clip seal bag held 10 cannabis seeds, Sampson saying he was attempting to grow for his personal use.

Snr Const Shelton said an unregistered rifle was found leaning up against a wall, Sampson at first saying that he found it.

But messages on his mobile phone revealed a discussion on its purchase.

At the time he also had a category A weapons licence.

"He does have a weapons safe and had no reason not to secure it," Snr Const Shelton said.

He said Sampson had entered the yard of his former employer on Haigslea - Amberley Rd at Walloon and opened a tool box on a work truck.

Cordless power tools and hand tools including spanners and pliers were stolen.

The owner discovered the theft and then realised that Sampson still had a work issued iPad after being dismissed on March 1.

The owner found Sampson was still logged and saw Facebook messages boosting about having cordless power tools "courtesy of his former employer".

Duty lawyer Alexis Oxley said Sampson accepts the charges and now had a new job as a labourer.

She said his weapons licence had now been taken from him as a consequence.

"He realises he was very foolish and should not have taken tools that were not his," Ms Oxley said.

"His mother was suffering pancreatic cancer."

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said he'd broken into the business of his former employer and taken the tools from a truck.

"You were boasting on Facebook. You weren't shy about admitting to people you had taken tools from your former employer," she said.

"A pretty stupid thing to do."

Ms Sturgess said his decisions had cost him his weapon's licence.

Sampson was fined $1200, the fine sent to SPER for a payment plan. No conviction recorded.