TOXIC TRUMP: What more proof do you need?


In her recent letter "Show proof that Trump is to blame for everything" (QT 19/01) Glenda Carroll asks for proof that President Trump's four years in office produced a "toxic culture" in the United States.

What more proof does Ms Carroll need than the damage to confidence in the US democratic election process produced by President Trump's totally unfounded claim of a "stolen election".

President Trump was solely responsible for the "toxic culture" that produced the violent invasion of the Congress building and five resulting deaths.

Perhaps Ms Carroll should be asked if she agrees with the "stolen election" story and the invasion of the centre of US democracy?

Ms Carroll further suggests that unless the US is "restored to a Christian society" its fate is sealed.

Ms Carroll clearly does not know that the US has never been a Christian society. The US Constitution prohibits it. 

The establishment clause of the First Amendment forbids the government from favouring one religion over another or religion over non-religion.

Ken Alderton

One Mile