Nikki Fisher shares her back to school lunch box hacks. Austin 6 and Paige Fisher 5
Nikki Fisher shares her back to school lunch box hacks. Austin 6 and Paige Fisher 5

Mums share lunch box hacks

BUSY mums share their lunch box hacks to feed even the fussiest of kids now the school term is in full swing.

Nikki Fisher has had to think on her feet to transition both her children from kindy food to big kids school lunches.

Mum to Prep student Paige Fisher and Grade 1 student Austin Fisher, Ms Fisher said her biggest advice was making school lunches look appealing.

"If I just sent them to school with a sandwich in a plastic bag, it probably wouldn't be eaten," she said.

"Cutting fruit and veg is the key and having everything opened so it is more presentable so they don't have to open packets, they can just try everything."

Ms Fisher said she believed in making a balanced lunch for her children by testing different ingredients.

"I give them healthy food like fruit and veggies and a food that will keep them going through the day like sushi, wraps or vegemite scrolls," she said.

"It is trial and error with kids, you learn from your mistakes and if you put too much mayo on a wrap one day you don't do it the next day."


Lunchbox hacks
Lunchbox hacks


Busy mum to three Sarah Flannagan has experimented extensively with her Grade 1 aged daughter.

Ms Flannagan has found that baking home cooked food as well as being creative ensured her daughter Mia came home with an empty lunch box.

"I make a wrap or a sandwich fresh the morning and I tend to do a massive bake up so bake a lot of different treats like pikelets, fritters and slices," she said.

"The presentation makes a big difference and I use little cookie cutters to cut fruit in fun shapes and I use little picks and make fruit kebabs."

Ms Flannagan said she had 10 different bento box lunch boxes so she was able to mix up her daughters layout every day adding some fun encouragement.

"When she was in prep I really got into it and did a trip to japan and saw the cool little containers in the 100 yen shops and the fun food buttons," she said.

"She has really responded to that presentation and sometimes I leave her notes in her lunch box like you are a star and keep smiling."