An unfortunate encounter at a party escalated quickly into addiction. (File)
An unfortunate encounter at a party escalated quickly into addiction. (File) USAF/Victoria H. Taylor

Town 'forgiving' after father falls to drug plague

A FATHER was urged in court to thank his own dad and avoid returning to the "mad” world of drugs and crime.

After succumbing to ice addiction, Dalby's Nicholas Shane Thompson, 33, was sentenced after pleading guilty to drug supply and unlawful weapons possession.

It could have been a lot worse, Justice Jean Dalton told Thompson on Tuesday.

She said having weapons in a drug-addled environment where people "act madly” could be catastrophic.

"It's a recipe for disaster.”

Justice Dalton said she was impressed with a supportive letter Thompson's father wrote to the court.

She said Thompson was "lucky” to have a dad like that, and urged the 33-year-old to think of his own children.

"Are they going to grow up to stand where you're standing?” the judge asked Thompson as he stood in the dock.

"I hope not,” Thompson replied.

Thompson's defence counsel said his client was a popular man and Dalby was a "forgiving” community.

The court was told many people were asking about Thompson lately and offering work and support.

Thompson was introduced to ice at a party on 2016, the court heard, and addiction crept up quickly.

Eventually Thompson was using half a gram of ice a day.

Prosecutors said in October last year police found drugs and the ammunition at Thompson's home.

Justice Dalton said the weapon was a shortened but dysfunctional air rifle.

She said weapons were typically shortened to be concealed and used in crimes.

The court heard Thompson had 229 bullets in a safe but they were incompatible with the gun.

"Why did you have those bullets? I don't know,” Justice Dalton said.

Thompson had already served more than 300 days in custody.

He was sentenced to two and a half years' jail, and was released on parole immediately. -NewsRegional