FAMILY Feud's Grant Denyer was an outside chance to win the Gold Logie before Tom Gleeson stepped in. 

When this year's Logie nominations were announced, plenty of jokes were made about the fact that Denyer was up for Australian television's top honour for a show that had recently been axed.

There was plenty of fodder for comedian Tom Gleeson, who invited Denyer to appear on his Hard Chat segment on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering last week.

While the segment usually consists of Gleeson ribbing his terrified guests, this particular episode was different. The two men struck up a rapport and by the end of the chat, Gleeson was inspired to campaign for Denyer to win Gold.

Sure his main objective may have been to skewer the awards themselves, but in just a few days #Denyer4Gold took off as Gleeson hilariously went on the campaign trail.

"I think he just thought it was funny to back a roughie in the field," Denyer told NewsRegional on the Logies red carpet.

"It's like he's picked up my campaign without even asking and is throwing me over the finish line."

Even Russell Crowe weighed in on the movement:

With voting for this year's awards remaining open until the start of last night's broadcast, there was enough time for the viral campaign to catapult Denyer into contention and, ultimately, victory.


"This past week has been insane," he said.

"I had no idea the whole #Denyer4Gold campaign was coming and I certainly didn't know it would go to that extreme level... this whole campaign has been total lunacy."

Plenty of #Denyer4Gold supporters took to social media to share that it was their first time ever voting in the Logies.


"I can't thank them enough," Denyer said.

"The whole country's gone nuts in the send off of Family Feud and that's a lovely thing."

Gleeson, needless to say, is chuffed at the result. He's jokingly been dubbed the 'most powerful man in Australia' on social media.

"You get to wait all night and see someone win the Gold Logie who had their show axed. It's beautiful isn't it?" he said.

 "I just said to people who are watching the ABC to vote for Grant because how funny would it be for someone whose show isn't on TV to win the Gold? We all know it doesn't add up. Ever since Karl Stefanovic won Gold people are going this is not quite right. The fringe benefit is Grant gets a Gold Logie and maybe they'll bring Family Feud back."