Tornado touches down at Wellcamp airport: reports

A tornado near Toowoomba. Photo Allie Smith
The only photographic evidence that a tornado formed near Toowoomba is this photo by Allie Smith. Allie Smith

A WELL-KNOWN storm chaser has reported a tornado formed near Toowoomba with eye-witnesses claiming to have seen a twister near Wellcamp Airport yesterday.

Jeff Higgins from Higgins Storm Chasing was told a tornado formed just west of Toowoomba and is searching for video and photographic evidence.

Residents claim to have seen the tornado including Allie Smith who photographed a vortex in the area.

She took the photograph about 2.50pm yesterday afternoon.

"The funnel shape was more horizontal when this photo was taken but it was a little more vertical minutes before," she said.

Another woman named Wendy claims to be an eyewitness to the tornado.

"Yeah I saw it," she said.

"We are opposite the airport and I just said to my partner that looks like a tornado."

Reports of a tornado on the ground near Wellcamp Airport!Can anyone confirm or does anyone have visual of this through photos or video??~Thomas~

Posted by Higgins Storm Chasing on Saturday, 28 November 2015


Wendy was confident the phenomenon she saw wasn't a "dust devil", a strong, well-formed, and relatively long-lived whirlwind comprised of dust.

"It went from the ground up into the front of the storm approaching now from the south," she said.


Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport poured cold water on reports of the tornado.

A spokesman for the airport said: "We checked in with our on-site staff and there is no tornado at the airport."

Ben Grace also put doubt to the claims.

"(I) went past Wellcamp Airport within 10 minutes of the alleged tornado," he said.

"(There was) nothing around at all just a storm to the south down towards Pittsworth."