Vanilla Rentals property manager Jemma Wood. Photo: Ali Kuchel
Vanilla Rentals property manager Jemma Wood. Photo: Ali Kuchel

TOPS: Best agent reveals how rental market is boosting tenant quality

A PROPERTY manager has taken out the title of best real estate agent in the Lockyer Valley.

Last week, the Gatton Star called on readers to nominate their favourite real estate agent, and Jemma Wood took out the title.

Employed by Vanilla Rentals, previously Lockyer Valley Real Estate, the 26-year-old was humbled by the accolade.

A property manager of nine years, Jemma moved to the Lockyer Valley 16 months ago to join the team.

“I really like the growth aspect of property management,” Jemma said.

“Out here it’s huge, the rental market is just getting bigger and bigger, and we’ve got so many tenants moving out from Brisbane into the area.”

Based at Plainland, Vanilla Rentals has seen a skyrocketing demand for rental properties since coronavirus hit Australian shores.

But the development of Sophia College secondary school and Bunnings has also seen a housing boom in the Plainland region.

“There’s a lot of development happening, and we’re getting new properties which are enticing to people,” Jemma said.

She said Vanilla Rentals was aiming to “improve” the quality of tenant in the area.

“To get a better quality of tenant, you need a better quality of property,” she said.

Despite dealing with the region’s growth, a rewarding aspect of Jemma’s job is building relationships with landlords.

“I really enjoy when you build a good relationship with the landlord and they trust you and they’re open to what you have to say,’ she said.

Property management wasn’t a priority career choice for the 26-year-old, who originally started in a sales administration role.

But she was moved into property management and has stayed since.

Top real estate agents

  1. Jemma Wood – Vanilla Rentals
  2. Danina Penson – Elders Laidley
  3. Darryl Muckert – Elders Laidley
  4. Emily Hallas – Gatton All Property
  5. Julie – Gatton and Laidley Real Estate

The top real estate agents in the Lockyer Valley were determined by reader votes on the Gatton Star website.