QT trot columnist and harness racer Denis Smith.
QT trot columnist and harness racer Denis Smith. David Nielsen

Top-class racing to enjoy

THE first night of the Winter Carnival is tonight.

Rock up to Albion Park, or get in front of a Sky Channel screen. This is the top of the Queensland harness tree.

Meanwhile, put this one on the fridge: Marburg harness race day tomorrow week.

The "pick six” jackpot now sits at a healthy $1800, and three punters have proved that it is vulnerable by being alive into the final leg at the last meeting.

Further betting ammunition is available through the lucky gate draw $100 betting voucher.

All the traditional Marburg features will be offered on July 15.

Above all, it's "close-up to the action” country harness on the 700 metre Marburg circuit, where you can see the runners crystal clear as they go down the back straight.

The SAQ re-homers will be in action in centre field during the meeting.

A monster raffle tops out the day.

Check next Saturday's QT for updates and tips.

Legal considerations

THERE is a tendency in our sport to show great deference to the principle of "natural justice” when dealing with participants deemed to be offenders against the rules of harness racing, who have appealed their penalty.

In this area, Queensland Racing Integrity Commission is the body which was formed by the government to clean up the three codes of racing, which has been continually hamstrung by QCAT the second step in the appeal process.

The following comments were made by Judge Alf Goran QC as far back as 1983.

Goran QC was chairing an appeal against a charge issued for an unsatisfactory drive, similar to three charges recently, in which the QRIC case fell at the second hurdle.

Judge Goran's underlying objection was, that for practical purposes, the same stewards were acting as arresting officers, judge and jury.

The learned judge, who was a well known owner of pacers, said: "In this case their evidence was tendered, and amounts to, expert evidence which went unchallenged.

"The problem is that, while they may be experts, they are also the decision makers against whom the appeal is brought. In this case their written report was supported by the chief steward when he viewed the transcript of the race. In my opinion, this approach is somewhat unsatisfactory. It would be more appropriate to call as a witness an independent expert who is not associated with the decision making process.

"In saying that I make no criticism of the stewards or the chief steward. It would, however, be of more assistance to the tribunal if an expert who is not a steward was called to give expert evidence.”

The QRIC do not have such a person at this time.

Handy tips

SELECTIONS for Albion Park tonight.

R1: Quinella 1-4: Lockton Luck (L McCarthy) and Untitled (B. Hewitt).

R2: Box trifecta 1-4-10: Hashtag (L McCarthy)-Somepartysomewhere (N Dawson)-Our Wall Street Wolf (D Cernovskis).

R3: E/w 11: Devil Dodger (G Dixon).

R4: Quinella 2-7: Bull Market (P McMullen) and Clintal Do (N Dawson).

R5: Box trifecta 4-8-11: Thats What I Said (B Hewitt)-Duplicated (L McCarthy)-Colt Thirtyone (G Dixon).

R6: Box trifecta 3-9-10: Holy Camp Clive (R Anderson)-Mattgregor (P McMullen)-Ohoka Punter (G Dixon).

R7: E/w 2: Sociable (L McCarthy).

R8: Box trifecta 2-5-6: Needle (G Whitaker)-Giacomo (P Greig)-Tough Monarch (R Alchin).

R9: E/w 2: Effronte (L McCarthy).

R10: E/w 4: Our Millwood Maisie (K Rasmussen).

Honour board

Nathan Dawson is still riding high on the leader board with a win rate of 364 from seven trips down victory lane for the week.

Darrell Graham whacked away in the training department to top score with three winners.

Peter McMullen and Chantal Turpin saved the Ipswich footprint from a wipeout last Saturday night. Bull Market carried the banner.

Ipswich factor: A skinny 20/47.

Albion Park, June 29: Luvumum (Nathan Dawson for Shawn Grimsey); My Mastercraftsman (Adam Sanderson); The Harlem Hammer (Nathan Dawson for Doug Lee); Comply Or Die (Narissa McMullen for Ron Sallis); Tell The Linesmen (Nathan Dawson for Darrell Graham).

Albion Park, June 30: Bull Market (Pete McMullen for Chantal Turpin).

Albion Park, July 3: Betting Baron (Pete McMullen for Josh Moore); Lifes Black (Nathan Dawson for Mark McNee); Got the Goods (Trent Dawson); Sweet As Nathan Dawson for Darrell Graham); Beau Cisholm (Paul Diebert for Karen Schulz).

Redcliffe, July 4: Katniss (Nathan Dawson for Gary Gerrard); The Frame( Darrell Graham); Deadly Rocker (Adam Richardson for Tayla Gillespie); Hot Dogma (Matt Elkins for Ross Fletcher); Northern Muscle (Denis Smith).

Redcliffe, July 5: Connie Mattgregor (Paul Diebert for Kenny Belford); Vintage Dream (Nathan Dawson for Daren Garrard); Glenferrie Baby (Kelli Dawson for Geoff Dawson); Ohoka Squire (Adam Richardson).