West Moreton Anglican College’s 2020 high ATAR achievers with principal Geoff McLay.
West Moreton Anglican College’s 2020 high ATAR achievers with principal Geoff McLay.

Top ATAR achiever’s advice for new Year 12 cohort

AS a new school year begins, West Moreton Anglican College celebrated its high achievers from a senior cohort who faced a challenging year unlike any other.

A group of 13 of the top ATAR students from 2020, who all finished with a score above 95, were invited back to the Karrabin school this week.

A third of the college’s seniors last year achieved above a 90.

Just 30 Queensland students received a perfect score of 99.95.

For dux and former college captain Rupert Lupton, his 99.8 score landed him in the top 120 students in the state.

Having grown up in East Ipswich, he was enrolled at WestMAC since Prep.

Mr Lupton, 18, said his school of 13 years provided strong support throughout COVID-19.

He didn’t feel the time spent learning from home at the height of the pandemic had a huge impact on his studies.

“I think we probably all got through it in a similar way to everyone in the country and indeed the world,” he said.

“We just sort of realised we had to keep going and keep pushing forward.

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“There was a lot of help and guidance where we needed it so that we weren’t really on our own at any point.”

He will now study a Bachelor of Medical Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast, which sets him down the path towards studying medicine at Griffith University further down the line.

“Through school I always hoped to get the highest score I possibly could and more so to be able to get into a university course and profession that I was passionate about,” he said.

“I haven’t always followed a strict routine but instead I’ve tried to regulate my time as I go and find new priorities and do things I need to work on.

“With the transition from grade 11 to 12 I suppose there were times where I had to dedicate a much higher portion of my day to study.

“But at the same time there were also periods where I could finish things and relax too.

“Overall I think I approached my senior schooling in a very consistent manner where I would work out what needed to be done and try and go from there as opposed to predetermining it months ahead.”

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Mr Lupton’s biggest piece of advice for the 2021 senior cohort would be to try and find a balance.

“Take things as they come and really make sure your understand your priorities and your goals,” he said.

“It’s OK to spend more time on some things that are more important to you as long as you’re getting a rounded experience.

“Sometimes life takes precedent over school and sometimes school takes precedent over life.”

He now starts down the exciting path towards a career in medicine.

But Mr Lupton said it wasn’t something he’d always had an aspiration to do.

“I modelled my decision based around some principles I had and priorities for my lifestyle and a desire to help people with work with people,” he said.

“I found medicine was definitely going to be the best choice for me and I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to study it.

“As I progress through my studies I hope I will develop a particular interest but at this stage I’m keeping my mind open to the huge number of possibilities.”

West Moreton Anglican College’s 15 highest ATAR achievers for 2020

Rupert Lupton

Damian Bellew

Henry Bischoff

Carl Flottmann

Josiah Jones

Jordan Lane

Markus Brits

Jacob Pomerenke

Jayke Braga

Jacqueline Kynaston

Rose Sebastian

Emily Brown

Joanna Shannon

Tayla Innes

Layne Best

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