Valentina Holland, at just 7 years old, raises money for the homeless to purchase backpack beds. September 2017
Valentina Holland, at just 7 years old, raises money for the homeless to purchase backpack beds. September 2017 Bev Lacey

Young girl's amazing gift to Toowoomba's homeless

AT JUST seven years of age, Valentina Holland has already done more for charity than most people manage in an entire lifetime.

Her current project is raising money to purchase Backpack Beds for Toowoomba's homeless.

She's already funded and handed over 16 Backpack Beds to local charity Rosies Friends on the Street Toowoomba.

And she's not stopping there.

By the end of October, she hopes to have raised enough money to buy and donate 70 Backpack Beds for those less fortunate than her.

Backpack Beds are lightweight, portable shelters that roll up into an easy-to-carry backpack, and are suitable for all weather conditions.

"I'm trying to change the lives of others," Valentina explained.

"It makes me feel good inside."

Valentina's interest in helping others and raising money for charitable causes began after a stint in hospital with a broken leg at the age of four.

During her two weeks in hospital, she noticed children coming in for regular medical treatments - some of them bald.

Shortly after, Valentina started growing her hair to donate it to the Alopecia Areata Foundation, and to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.

She has also donated groceries, toiletries and toys to Lifeline to ensure other children would have a good Christmas, and for her seventh birthday asked her friends for money - all of which was given to families in crisis.

Her interest in the homeless was sparked by a phone call to her father, Jay Holland, during one of his trips to Sydney.

At the time. Mr Holland was passing an alleyway where the local council was attempting to move on a group of homeless people.

Valentina asked her dad what the commotion was in the background, and the seed for her next project was planted.

Mr Holland said he was very proud of his daughter.

Backpack Beds for Homeless operations manager Lisa Clark said Valentina was a remarkable young person.  

Her current fundraising efforts will support Toowoomba homeless agency Base Services.  

To donate to Valentina's project, please visit here.