The man twice threw a dead rat with force into the victim's face.
The man twice threw a dead rat with force into the victim's face.

Man who used dead rat in assault cops jail time

A MAN described by a Toowoomba magistrate as rude and disrespectful to the court has been jailed after admitting assaulting a man with a dead rat.

Matthew Anthony Banner had proved so disruptive when he faced Toowoomba Magistrates Court on Monday that Magistrate Robbie Davies had him remanded in custody overnight.

It was intended to have the 33-year-old brought up to court for his sentence yesterday after he had "calmed down", but upon being informed Banner had been "playing up" in the watch house and was facing further charges of damaging police property, Mr Davies said he would impose sentence in the defendant's absence.

Banner had pleaded guilty to a series of offences including common assault arising from his twice throwing a dead rat with force into the face of a man at a gathering on Christmas Day in Toowoomba, flooding a watch house cell by clogging his cell's toilet and sink with toilet paper, assaulting a policeman by pushing him in the chest, causing a disturbance and abusing officers at the counter of the police station to the point he caused distress to an elderly woman making a complaint at the time, possessing a restricted item in the form of a "billy club" on July 6, breaching bail and three times failing to appear in court.

Mr Davies noted Banner had a history of delaying court proceedings against him by emailing the court saying he would not be attending and asking for adjournment after adjournment.

When he was led away from the court on Monday, Banner had appeared to "give the finger" to the court.

Mr Davies noted Banner had shown no remorse.

"He lacks insight into his own behaviour and the ability to control it," he said.

Noting the dead rat offence to be particularly serious, Mr Davies sentenced Banner to three months in jail but ordered he be released on parole after having served one month on September 12.

Banner was also fined $300.