This man used his children and a young family friend to make child exploitation material.
This man used his children and a young family friend to make child exploitation material.

Business manager used own kids to make child porn

A QUEENSLAND business manager who used his young son, daughter and her friend to create child exploitation material has lost his attempt to escape punishment.

The children were aged 8, 10 and nine when he posed them in sexualised positions while they were staying at their grandparents' home.

The Toowoomba man, who cannot be identified to protect the victims, was charged with six offences relating to taking five separate photographs of a child or children in a sexual, offensive and demeaning context and of uploading those images to his hard drive.

He tried deleting the images from the device, but forensic police were able to recover the images.

There were 45 photos in the series with five considered exploitation material.

One photo focused on a girl's crotch, one showed exposed buttocks, one was an 'upskirt' type image, one had the boy touching a girl suggestively and another had the girls lying on a bed together with their underwear exposed.

The offending happened in 2008, but it was 10 years before he went to court. He pleaded not guilty and was convicted by a Toowoomba District Court jury in October 2018.

The daughter told the trial it was not unusual for her father to take photos of her and her friend and for him to "play" with them.

The girl's friend told the court the man would ask her and his daughter to pose, to give each other "wedgies" and that he directed them where to lie on the bed.

The man was sentenced to six months in jail, immediately suspended and convictions were recorded.

The man appealed the convictions last month, claiming he was only taking photos of the children "having fun".

He claimed the verdict was unreasonable, that it was not supported by the evidence and that there were multiple errors of law regarding the definition of child exploitation material and other matters.

The Court of Appeal on Thursday dismissed the appeal, meaning the conviction and sentence stands. - NewsRegional