NO EXPLANATION: Zackery Bucknall was busted with a stolen $65,000 excavator and property from a new home.
NO EXPLANATION: Zackery Bucknall was busted with a stolen $65,000 excavator and property from a new home. Ross Irby

Toilets, sink, dishwasher go as new build ransacked

POLICE tracked down a tradie who was found in possession of a haul of household fittings including ceramic toilets, a toilet seat, a sink, dishwasher, and even a $65,000 excavator, a court has heard.

The items had been taken during the ransacking of a newly built house on Cotton Crescent at Redbank Plains.

When questioned over the property, Zackery Bucknall told police he had found the goods, not stolen them.

Zackery Norman Bucknall, 33, a scaffolder and trade assistant from Lowood, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to receiving tainted property; possession of dangerous drugs schedule 1 - methylamphetamine at Karrabin on May 15, 2018; unlawful use of a motor vehicle - an excavator and loader; wilful damage to police property on May 29, 2018; and breach of a suspended sentence.

Two other charges of entering premises to steal and possess tainted property were withdrawn by police and dismissed.

Crown legal officer Stipe Drinovac said police searched Bucknall's house at Karrabin on May 25 last year and found a quantity of drug utensils and methylamphetamine with a street value of between $3500-$4000.

The ice was 74 per cent pure. A woman who shared the Karrabin house was also charged.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said Bucknall's criminal history did him no favours and the unlawful use and receiving tainted property were all serious matters.

Police sought a jail term of 12 months.

The tainted property also included an oven top, building materials, a bathroom sink, vanity cupboard, multiple fixtures and door handles.

The excavator went missing from a business at Capalaba.

Mr Scott said Bucknall had been helpful and led police to the missing $65,000 excavator.

"He was found to be in possession. He'd installed a dishwasher that had been removed from a newly built house at lock-up," Mr Scott said.

"He gave no explanation as to how he came to be in possession."

Magistrate Tracy Mossop said while not unusual, it showed Bucknall was uncooperative. She noted he told police he had a prolific ice addiction at the time.

Defence lawyer Amy Zanders said Bucknall said that a friend collected the property and that "he was not aware it was stolen".

"There was assistance offered to police to find the excavator and return it to the rightful owner," Ms Zanders said.

Ms Mossop queried the charge of wilful damaging to police property by flooding a jail cell, asking, "what was that all about?"

"I have no instructions. But he is remorseful," Ms Zanders said.

Ms Zanders said Bucknall, a dad of two, suffered a broken hip and was the only survivor of a car crash that killed his best mate.

He had used meth because it was easier to obtain than morphine to help his ongoing pain.

As a result of the tragic circumstances of the accident there was a descent into drug use.

The court heard he no longer used illicit drugs.

Bucknall was sentenced to jail terms of 12 months with immediate release to supervised parole and to six months' jail (concurrent) for damaging the jail cell.