Jason David Currey
Jason David Currey

Toe-sucking pest jailed for creepy calls to strangers

DRIVEN by disturbed compulsion, Jason David Currey would ring businesses at random and make crude comments to women, including that he "enjoyed sucking on toes".

It became so bad during the COVID-19 lockdown, workers, already distressed by the loss of income, were too scared to answer their phone in case it was him.

Currey, 35, appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court via videolink on Thursday, pleading guilty to multiple charges of telephone harassment.

The court heard he had been sentenced in January for similar offending and spent three months in jail.

Currey had set his phone to private and called multiple businesses, telling women who answered the phone he was wearing his sister's lingerie and asking if they were wearing lingerie.

If a man answered the phone, he would hang up.

Police were called to a Hervey Bay shopping centre in response to claims Currey was in the toilets telling staff members they could "observe him ejaculating".

He called a Fraser Coast hotel and asked if he could wear women's clothing to the establishment and if he would get "hit on" if he did.

Police executed a raid at Currey's home, taking laptops and phones.

The court heard he told officers at the Hervey Bay Police Station he made the calls using his landline.

He said the behaviour made him feel ashamed but it was compulsive and he had no control over it.

The offending, the court heard, had come at a bad time for Hervey Bay businesses which were already suffering the effects of COVID-19.

Currey's actions had led to businesses avoiding calls from unknown numbers, which could have impacted negatively on them.

The court heard Currey had been doing well under the supervision of a probation officer and while receiving therapy but those therapy appointments had been suspended because of COVID-19 and the compulsion to offend had built up over time.

The court heard Currey was sorry, disappointed with himself and anxious to return to therapy.

Currey was sentenced to nine months in jail, to be released after serving three months.

He would then be the subject of a three-year good behaviour bond.