Katie Hopkins didn't hold back on the Today show.
Katie Hopkins didn't hold back on the Today show. Channel 9

Today slammed for ‘vile’ Meghan segment

Karl Stefanovic has enlisted old buddy Katie Hopkins to once again slam Meghan Markle, with the notorious UK media identity drawing gasps as she labelled Markle a "tramp" on live television this morning.

Appearing live via satellite from London talking to Stefanovic and co-host Ally Langdon, the former Apprentice contestant turned far-right commentator baulked at the hosts' introducing her as "controversial".

At least Karl’s enjoying himself.
At least Karl’s enjoying himself.

"I'm not that controversial actually, Karl. What I am is right. Last time I saw you, I told you she (Meghan) was a social climber, I told you she was playing us, I told you she didn't really want to be part of the royal family. And what happened? You were wrong and I was right," she said.

"I think the whole of Britain is probably joining me for the first time in my living memory in wishing the back of Meghan. We're really done with her. We would rather wash our hands of her, we're sick and tired of her. We knew what she was about all along. We knew that she was bad news," she continued.

Hopkins' comments come as Meghan and Harry today stepped out for their first official event together since news they were quitting as senior royals.

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Stefanovic previously drew widespread criticism when he interviewed Hopkins for a 60 Minutes segment about Prince Harry and Meghan in September last year. In that widely-panned segment, Hopkins said Meghan was a "divorcee" with "bad clothes" who needed to "abdicate". When Stefanovic today touched on the "controversy" around those comments, Hopkins once again hit back:

"I'm not controversial, I just speak straight and because people like you have lost all their cahunas or never had any in the first place, you've forgotten what it is like to hear a straight- talking woman. So I think you just need to man up and suck it up a little bit," she told Stefanovic.

Hopkins during her widely-panned 60 Minutes interview. Source: 60 Minutes
Hopkins during her widely-panned 60 Minutes interview. Source: 60 Minutes

From there, her attacks on Markle continued: "She went for a tour of South Africa. She met women who have been raped, women who were victims of violence and she came out of South Africa and said, 'Well, I think, you know, the real victim here is actually me.'

"Also we'd really like Prince Harry back," Hopkins said. "You know, Prince Harry used to be the best of us. He used to turn up naked in Vegas, you know, dressed as a Nazi under a pile of very good-looking women, and now what have we got? He's just become this little sidekick to Meghan Markle and he's about as interesting as a vegan at a wedding."

Katie Hopkins didn't hold back on the Today show.
Katie Hopkins didn't hold back on the Today show.

Hopkins drew the biggest reaction from the hosts with this line: "Meghan Markle has been very snarky about the fact that the Queen doesn't own the word 'Royal'. Well, yes, she does. 70 years of service dictates that the Queen earns the word 'Royal'. And if you want to ask me who owns the word 'Tramp', well, that would be Meghan Markle."

"Oh wow! Wow!" said a clearly delighted Stefanovic.

Wrapping up the interview, Hopkins bid Stefanovic a typically caustic farewell: "You love me. You haven't asked how I feel about you. I can't stand the sight of you. I can't stand you."

"She's not dull," Stefanovic said after the interview was over. "She is a bit like Trumpy, the female equivalent of Trumpy."

Hopkins was in January the subject of a humiliating hidden camera YouTube prank after notorious prankster Josh Pieters flew her to Prague to accept a fictional award.

Hopkins' acceptance speech, which was littered with offensive 'jokes' about Muslims, "retards" and "that Autistic f**king wench Greta Thunberg," was captured on a hidden camera and released to the public.

Reaction to Today's segment on social media has been mixed, with many asking why Nine were once again giving Hopkins a platform to spout her opinions.
"It's cool that you guys are willing to give a white supremacist a national platform," one person sarcastically tweeted.

"Wonder why the Today show is giving a platform to flat out, bats**t crazy UK racists?" asked another.

"Why would you have this person on the show," said another.


Katie Hopkins did her usual Katie Hopkins shtick on Today.
Katie Hopkins did her usual Katie Hopkins shtick on Today.


And another: "Had to switch off from the Today show when you put this vile and hateful woman on. Why do you insist on giving this person a platform I will never understand."

Once a regular face on UK screens, Hopkins' British media appearances have dwindled in the wake of a highly-publicised defamation lawsuit against her by food writer and anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe.

Hopkins had publicly accused Monroe of vandalising a war memorial in what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

In January 2016, Monroe launched legal action and Hopkins ended up losing the $AU239,000 libel case after High Court judge Justice Warby said the tweets caused Monroe "serious harm"

In September 2018, Hopkins applied for an insolvency agreement in a desperate bid to avoid bankruptcy. She had already had to sell her Devon home to cover mounting legal costs.

"It's really quite sad - two tweets cost her her house, job, and now her credit rating," Monroe told the Guardian of the legal win.

In recent years, and in the wake of that financial insolvency, Hopkins' lucrative British media appearances have all but dried up - and more recently, she joined Canadian far-right website Rebel Media as a columnist, but it's understood the outlet quietly dropped her at the start of last year.