Today Show's Stevie Jacobs in a tangle on live TV

HE is the intrepid weatherman who gives anything a go, but this morning Today Show weatherman Stevie Jacobs found himself "in the chute" during a stunt off Tangalooma on Moreton Island.

After running through the national weather, Stevie attempted to take flight in a "boat parachute" that quickly went awry.

Talking to the hosts back in the studio, Stevie tried to keep calm.

"This is one of the - arrrgh - fun things to do here at Tangalooma Island, just off the Coast of Moreton Island," he said as he began to ascend.

The chute began to shift sideways he quipped, "We may have the wrong wind conditions here".

"They have really big sharks up there bro," Karl Stefanovic said from the studio.

"Thanks very much for that Karl," Stevie responded.

As the expert crew reeled in the wayward weatherman, he delivered an extreme close-up, knocking his noggin on the camera.

"Houston, we have a problem… he took the cameraman out," Karl said.

As he struggled to escape the tangling ropes on the back of the boat, Stevie tried to stay upbeat:

"What fun I'm having. This is just awesome. Kids, give this a go.

"Fun for the whole family here.

"That's probably not a great shot to finish off on.

"Anyway, we'll be coming to you somewhere else from Queensland tomorrow.


This is not the first time Stevie has gotten himself a little flustered on live television. He famously fled an unhappy chicken on the Channel Nine and the WIN Network program as he toured Lismore in northern New South Wales.