Time’s up for residents on copper

DURING February many existing landline and internet services operating on copper in Ipswich will be replaced by services over the nbn access network.

From February 14 a large number of residents in Amberley, One Mile, Willowbank, Flinders View, and Raceview will be affected by the change.

NBN Co spokesperson Ryan Williams has cautioned Ipswich residents about the upcoming change.

"It's particularly important for anyone with a medical alarm, auto-dialler or emergency call button to register these devices on NBN Co's Medical Alarm," Mr Williams said.

"Some devices may not be compatible with the nbn access network so if you or a loved one have a medical device, speak to the device provider and your phone and internet provider as soon as possible to seek further guidance."

"We also encourage any local businesses that are affected, and that have yet to switch, to contact their preferred phone and internet service provider well in advance of the switch-off date to ensure you allow plenty of time to manage the migration of any business services or devices, including EFTPOS and health claim terminals."

NBN Co say's that residents of Ipswich would have received letters advising them of the disconnection date and encouraged residents to contact their phone and internet service provider to find out if their services are at risk of disconnection.

Most critical business services that operate on existing landline phone and internet services, like EFTPOS terminals and fire alarms, may be subject to disconnection.

Businesses with affected services are encouraged to migrate to the nbn access network to minimise disruption to their operations.

Services provided over non-nbn fibre networks in apartment complexes, businesses and Special Services will not be impacted by the transition.

Mr Williams is also warning residents to be wary of scammers pretending to collect payment on behalf of NBN Co.

"If someone claiming to work for NBN Co has contacted you trying to sell you an internet or phone service ask for their details, hang up and call your retail service provider to check if they're legitimate," he said.

"If you've already provided your details, contact your financial institution immediately."