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'Time to rethink' costly park 'n' ride places: Rail group

CONTINUING expansion to park 'n'ride facilities will be too costly and not solve the region's transport issues, a transport advocacy group believes.

Rail Back on Track advocacy group is calling for a taskforce to investigate park 'n' ride facilities and set future policies.

Advocacy group spokesman Robert Dow said the continuing calls from commuters and politicians for more park 'n' ride facilities was not viable.

"It is not possible to keep expanding park 'n' ride indefinitely, it is much too expensive," he said.

"The recent announcement of a further 650 car parking spaces at Springfield Central station at a cost of $44.5 million works out to a cost of $68,000 per car parking space.

"Hardly sustainable in the big picture."

Mr Dow said there was a lack of overall coordination and no strategy to manage and plan for the best outcomes for park 'n' ride in southeast Queensland.

"Some park 'n' ride is needed, but more emphasis must be placed on improving feeder bus networks and better support for active transport options particularly bicycle and pedestrian and encouraging commuters to use these modes," he said.

"It is time to change the mindless paradigm of just expanding parking spaces."

He touted Perth's approach of charging commuters using parking facilities $2 as a positive approach.

"They charge a small fee for their park n' ride, but importantly they have excellent feeder bus services," he said.

"People have a real alternative.

"The parking charge helps keep the parking rationed to a degree and the overall outcome is much better for residents and commuters."

He said due to the poor nature of bus services in southeast Queensland generally, the State Government would not be able to charge a fee for park 'n' ride.

"Such revenue could then be fed back into improving feeder bus services and maintaining the park 'n' ride facilities," Mr Dow said.