Time to help those suffering starvation

FAMINE has been declared in Sudan while in other African countries and Yemen millions face starvation and watch their children die on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, "developed" nations like Australia are guilty of continual large scale food wastage.

Dumpster divers tell of retrieving huge quantities of perfectly consumable goods discarded by grocery stores, fruit shops and fast food outlets.

A quick visit to your local shopping centre dumpster confirms this as being true.

How will God call us to account for such wanton disposal of edible produce while our East African brothers and sisters are unable to feed themselves or their children?

As pointed out in the Somalia famine of 2011, there are not too many humans, there is too little humanity.

As affluent Australians, we have an obligation to help turn the crisis around.

PLAN International, UNHCR and Caritas Australia are working on the ground to deliver vitally needed food supplies to the worst hit areas.

Please donate online or phone one of these agencies: PLAN, Caritas, Oxfam, UNHCR or Red Cross.



Regular maintenance program required

WITH reference to Gatton Star (May 17) "Council consults on works priorities".

Elected regional councillors are voted into power, having been selected from those persons of our local community "raising their hand" toward an intention to be chosen, as candidate.

We electors out here in the real world select and vote for the candidates we believe are best suited for the esteemed position of intelligent councillor.

The elected members choose a committee of members to preside over selection of applications for council officer positions as advertised.

These officers supposedly are very experienced, one would expect.

So, why is the council now requiring that we, the suffering "shareholders"/ratepayers, are being canvassed for direction in which council operations are directed?

The fact is past infrastructural construction, at great expense to the council, requires a regular maintenance program.

This maintenance should be first priority. This has not been evident in both the Laidley and Gatton ends of region. This should not require direction from ratepayers. It is a matter of course. As is evidenced by any cursory look around the infrastructure throughout our region, extreme financial input is now a dire necessity.

Very little room, financially, is available to carry out any major, new "over-the-top" projects over the next 10 years, as I see it.

The question is, who is directing who in the council? Shape up or ship out!


Regency Downs