Time to make your voice heard on land clearing

Letter to the editor

I was wondering how long it would be until Ipswich City Council showed its true colours in regard to land clearing.

All the present community committee of 99, of which I am one, are putting together a blueprint for a new plan for Ipswich, which keeps mentioning "the community".

What a sham.

The developers apply to the council, get rejected, then they take the council to court if the council doesn't cave in first, then down go the trees.

Happy Jack, Brentwood Forest estate for starters.

Contact your State MPs and councillors put some heat on.

Simply ask them where they stand on clearing.

By their vote shall we know them.

Let them wear their decision.

Let them know that the community will not stand for the destruction of the little bush left.

Animals and plants can't vote but you can.

What worries me and many other residents is that the present Ipswich plan will not be in place for at least three years.

This current plan is like Swiss cheese.

Queensland clears more bush than all the other states combined.

Clearing blocks sanctioned by council at the behest of the State Government allows developers to completely clear vast hectares of bush.

David Harris