PINCHED: A time capsule and its contents have been stolen. (File Image)
PINCHED: A time capsule and its contents have been stolen. (File Image)

TIME CRIME: Thief digs up, steals 32-year-old time capsule

A TIME capsule and its contents that were buried at Minden in 1988, have been dug up and stolen.

The capsule was buried on September 3, 1988, as part of the Australian Bicentennial project, but was stolen last month on July 17, from Minden Park.

The capsule was originally unveiled by member for Somerset Bill Gunn, but there’s no records of what was placed into the capsule.

To preserve the town’s history, Minden State School have since sourced contents for a new time capsule, Somerset Regional councillor Kylee Isidro said.

“We have accepted the contents from the school and that will be placed into the capsule this week,” Cr Isidro said.

“One good positive is that time capsules are often set for 100 years, so not many students get to participate.”

Students have prepared letters, photo work and artwork, as well as placing a hat and a copy of Minden State School’s 125th anniversary book.

The contents will be placed in a new capsule at a later date, with the damaged monument to be refurbished.

Council’s director of corporate and community services Matthew McGoldrick said there would be a record of the contents, and a reset of the opening to 2050.