Time on China's side as world waits nervously

Letter to the editor

Outside of China, other countries must look to history.

The history of US as we know it today goes back a few hundred years, whereas China is thousands of years.

They have voted for a premier for life.

That should give pause for thought.

Playing with a mouse or killing a butterfly is just a bit of fun.

China can do and say what it likes.

I applaud Scomo. It is a difficult path to tread and thus exposing us to exactly what has happened.

To state the bleeding obvious, if we were to make a similar cartoon about Xi Jinping, all hell would break loose.

At the time of the invasion of Tibet they preferred to call it the "Liberation" and proudly pronounced that unlike Britain it had no intention of building a "colonial empire".

They quickly launched "economic imperialism".

How successful that has been? Look no further than Africa as an example.

China is investing trillions of dollars to blindside the west and in return take power and recoup zillions.

With this comes power beyond our imagining.

China is thumbing its nose at the west and becoming more blatant.

Expansionism is now beginning. The South China Sea is a good example.

The building of islands also illustrates they are serious.

What can be done about it? The US sending a few war ships is just window dressing.

Taiwan is just another long-term objective.

To China their history shows that attrition will eventually come to a head.

The US would probably have moved into an isolationist position by then. 

Even Trump is signaling the way ahead by pulling troops out of various theatres of war.

Time is the enemy of the west and just a waiting game for China.

David Harris