Three children airlifted after irukandji stings at resort

PARAMEDICS have flown three children from an island in Far North Queensland after they were stung by irukandji jellyfish.

The children had been swimming without stinger suits.

A helicopter carrying a girl, 7, and a boy, 9, arrived at Cairns Hospital from Fitzroy Island about 6pm on Saturday, before returning to pick up a boy, 16. They were all in a stable condition.

The two youngest children were discharged from hospital, with the eldest expected to be sent home late yesterday.

Fitzroy Island Resort assistant general manager Tim Moloney said the resort made every effort to recommend visitors wore stinger suits while swimming.

"Whilst not mandatory, they certainly assist in greatly minimising the risk of harm that can occur if a patron is unlucky enough to have an encounter with any jellyfish," he said.

Irukandji stings can be fatal if victims go into cardiac arrest.

Other symptoms include severe headache, extreme pain to muscles, chest and abdomen, nausea and vomiting and an overwhelming sense of doom.