Father of one pleaded guilty to 51 aggravated breaches of a domestic violence order.
Father of one pleaded guilty to 51 aggravated breaches of a domestic violence order.

Threats to kill: Man rang partner 540 times from jail

A FATHER rang his partner more than 500 from jail threatening to kill her or have other people harm her in a "disgusting" display of domestic violence.

He pleaded guilty to 51 aggravated breaches of two domestic violence orders put in place in June and December last year.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard during that time the man rang the woman 540 times while he was in jail for burglary with intent while armed or in company.

The calls, sometimes occurred multiple times a day, included threats to harm, threats to kill, threats to send other people around to her home.


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Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan, in handing down her sentence, highlighted one particular phone call involving a direct discussion between the two that the man was not allowed to contact her under the domestic violence order.

"And that tells me your state of mind that this was in complete disregard to the order that was in place," Ms Hartigan said.

"That charge tells me you knew exactly what you were doing and you did it anyway.

"These were very serious phone calls threatening harm."

During some of the call the man called his partner derogative terms such as "dog" and a "c***".

"These phone calls tells me a bit about your character … these phone calls are disgusting," Ms Hartigan said.


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The court heard there were other calls where the man, a father of one, threatened self harm, which Ms Hartigan said was "manipulative behaviour".

"This is persistent offending in blatant disregard of the domestic violence orders," Ms Hartigan said.

The man has been in custody since last June however only some of the time, 67 days can be declared in relation to this offending.

Because of this, Ms Hartigan said the penalty she ultimately handed out was "lenient in a number of ways" and gave full effect to the lengthy time in custody.

The court heard the man had not offended for the past 10 months.


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Ms Hartigan said in her view a cumulative sentence on top of the current jail term he was serving "would be crushing".

The man was jailed for nine months which will run at the same time, with immediate parole eligibility.

He will be on parole until early May next year. Convictions were recorded.



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