BRILLIANT JOB: Solar panel installer Darren Rosolak.
BRILLIANT JOB: Solar panel installer Darren Rosolak. Inga Williams

This Ipswich business can help cut your electricity bill

HARNESSING the power of the sun is proving popular for local business Ipswich Solar Power.

Darren and Shelley Rosolak have been providing environmentally friendly power to the local community for almost 10 years.

According to the Department of the Environment and Energy, more that 2.1 million rooftop solar power systems have been installed across Australia and Australia is recognised as having the highest uptake of solar globally.

"There is a current rebate on offer of around $4000. This is nearly half the cost of the price of a standard system," Darren Rosolak said.

Currently rebates are on offer for batteries with more to come, Mr Rosolak said.

There are a myriad of options in the market, and Mr Rosolak says it is better to put energy back into the grid than to use a battery.

"You are better to feed the power generated by your system into the power grid. It is a better return on investment. The reliability and the cost are not there yet on battery units. I am not installing many batteries at the moment. Of the 200 jobs in a year, two have batteries," he said.

"In five years or so I think we will see a better price and product. It is a good idea to put the technology for the battery in now when you are installing the panels. The hybrid inverter will cost a bit more but you have the capacity to use a battery down the track."

A standard 6kW system will have about 20 to 24 panels on the roof.

"There is a lot more technology in the system. The panels are more efficient, they are not impacted by shadows," Mr Rosolak said.

The more intense the sunlight the more effective the solar system. Heat has no effect on power generation, in fact it is better in either autumn or spring.

Mr Rosolak says there are good deals available with power companies and suggests that a standard suburban home that has a power bill of about $400 a quarter should be close to zero on their power bill.

"We offer obligation on-site free quotes and electricity bill analysis for individualised service and advice," he said.

Ipswich Solar Power does not offer any in-house finance options, simply because of the charges.

"We get charged 15 per cent or so by the finance company and that has to be added on. It is better for the customer to seek their own funding," he said.

"After the rebate it will cost around $4500 for a good quality system. Solar at present has never been cheaper. The rebates drop down each January.

"We are a fully mobile business. My office is on wheels. We are a fully local business and we offer a wide range of products and pride ourselves on customer service. We do all of the work."

Solar panels are now becoming a familiar sight for local home owners. Businesses and schools are also realising the significant benefits of solar power and are installing units to reduce costs and save the fragile environment.

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