JOIN THE CLUB: Ashleigh Rimmington and Louie Langmead of Gympie City Gym are taking a team to the Gold Coast Spartan Race next month.
JOIN THE CLUB: Ashleigh Rimmington and Louie Langmead of Gympie City Gym are taking a team to the Gold Coast Spartan Race next month. Troy Jegers

This Gympie team is taking over Gold Coast Spartan Race

FITNESS: A fruitful fitness journey is all about overcoming the fear factor, stepping into the gym and facing challenges outside your comfort zone, according to Gympie City Gym manager Ashleigh Rimmington.

Alongside fellow GCG Elite trainer and co-coach Louie Langmead, Rimmington has recruited an at least 16-strong Gympie team to tackle the Spartan Race on the Gold Coast next month.

The team is open for participants, whether they are members at the gym or not, with four weeks of training before the September 14 event, comprising three different races of varying distances and obstacles in the Numinbah Valley Adventure Trails.


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Tiff O'Keefe, Felicity Clunes, Louie Langmead.
Tiff O'Keefe, Felicity Clunes and Louie Langmead. Contributed

Team Gympie has gone straight to the top; braving the demands of "The Beast”, a 21km, 30+ obstacle course and the hardest of them all.

Making the task that much more difficult will be the forfeit for failing an obstacle - 30 burpees under the watchful eye of Spartan officials.

Rimmington said the GCG team had been motivated to take on the Spartan Race after encouraging signs at the Sunshine Coast Tough Mudder event earlier this year.

"We really enjoyed it and the guys that came with us were so much more motivated about their health and fitness after doing it, so we thought we'd go to Spartans as well,” she said.

"We've got all sorts of people doing it. People that have only just started training this week and it's in four weeks time, so it's not just for people that are really fit. Anyone can do it with us. The goal is to get the whole team over the line.”

Felicity Clunes, Lucy Cullen, Mel Obst, Marley Burke, Bodhi Crossland.
Felicity Clunes, Lucy Cullen, Mel Obst, Marley Burke and Bodhi Crossland. Contributed

Langmead said the weekly training blocks had been installed at the gym to help everyone prepare for Spartan-specific challenges.

"It's all obstacle-specific stuff to help them train for each obstacle we're doing at the Spartans,” he said.

"The (burpee forfeit) is definitely motivating.

"I did the Tough Mudder in April, so it's a bit of a challenge for me too. I've been doing more running to work on my cardiovascular fitness.”

Rimmington said the race was not so much about who won, but the level of commitment brought by locals willing to give it a go.

"Spartans to me is about helping motivate people to try something that will challenge themselves and get them active and off the couch,” she said.

"It doesn't matter what their current fitness and strength level is, the idea is to work together to improve ourselves and put in our best effort.

"I'm so impressed with the positive response that we've had from Gympie and I'm really excited to see how far we can push ourselves and what we can achieve when we work together on the day.

"Rope climbs, moving monkey bars, jumping over fire, 10-foot walls, tyre flips, barb wire crawls, spear throws and the potential for 900 burpees... what's not to love?”

All are welcome to join Team GCG Elite before the Spartan Race on September 14. Contact the gym 5483 6444