Nathan Peter Jack and Melissa Ann Jack faced court over their decision to sell methamphetamine.
Nathan Peter Jack and Melissa Ann Jack faced court over their decision to sell methamphetamine.

When this couple broke up, they became drug-dealing partners

WHEN relationships end, most people go their separate ways.

Not Nathan Peter Jack and Melissa Ann Jack.

The long-term married couple broke up around February of 2018.

It wasn't long before they were using methamphetamine and selling the drug to fund their habit and to turn a quick profit.

Things went well for a few weeks until cops found a stoned Nathan passed out in his car, his home was raided and he was off to the slammer.

Melissa was busted around a month later and suffered the same fate.

Their drug-dealing career was relatively short - happening over a matter of weeks in April and May of 2018.

On Friday, the final chapter in their foray into crime closed in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Sitting as far apart as possible in the dock and not acknowledging each other, the Gympie pair pleaded guilty to a raft of serious and minor charges including possessing and trafficking a dangerous drug.

The court heard Nathan was the salesman in the operation that also involved another co-accused who has not yet faced court.

Melissa's role was to procure the drugs, with one of her purchases being an ounce of methamphetamine for $5000.

Police found evidence of 18 sales to 10 customers, the court heard.

The couple added an extra layer of "sophistication" to their business by using an encrypted messaging system to protect communications between them, their dealers and their buyers.

Police also found a text message on Nathan's phone in which he bragged about selling $6150 worth of drugs over two days.

The business should have closed when Nathan was busted asleep in his car and swiftly taken off the street.

But Melissa continued selling the drug until she, too, was caught, the court heard.

Justice Helen Bowskill said the couple was "equally involved" in the business.

She said while they may have been selling the drug to pay for their habit, the sophistication of their messaging system and Nathan's boasting text showed they were also profit-driven.

The decision to use and sell drugs marked the start of their criminal career, with 35-year-old Nathan and 41-year-old Melissa both having clean criminal histories.

Nathan spent around 11 months on remand and Melissa spent around 10 months in jail waiting to be sentenced.

During this time, their daughter gave birth to their grandchild.

"It is quite astounding to have people of your age with no criminal histories standing in this court to be sentenced for trafficking drugs," Justice Bowskill said.

"It is truly a case of going from 0 to 100.

"Trafficking is very serious.

"Our community expects offending of this kind to be dealt with seriously because of the damage, the destruction and the despair that this drug causes on our community."

The couple was sentenced to three years in jail with immediate release on parole due to time served.

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