Think long and hard before voting for these fruit loops

I FIND it a little bemusing just why moderate voters from both the Liberal and Labor parties are attracted to loopy thought bubble parties like One Nation. Paul Keating once said "the extreme right ratbags have always been there, hiding in dark places and waiting for someone like Hanson to shine a torch in, then crawl towards the light.

I know we live in a changing world, globalisation is hurting ordinary workers, jobs are disappearing and wages are decreasing, but has anyone ever heard Pauline Hanson come up with sensible policies to fix these problems? Banning the burqa, mosques, Muslim immigration, would devastate Australian livestock producers if the Muslim countries to which they export sheep and cattle started banning Australian imports in retaliation.

Maybe many moderate voters who do not have racist, bigoted, homophobic or xenophobic prejudices just get caught up in the "change for change's sake fad” but one has to be careful what one wishes for, what (God forbid) if Hanson and her band of misfits were ever actually elected to power and enacted these extreme policies that do absolutely nothing to address the problems of globalisation, and would absolutely damage the standing of this country.

One of the serious challenges the world faces is climate change and One Nation's 'spokesperson' is Senator Malcolm Roberts. This genius thinks it's a United Nations conspiracy to take over the world. Think long and hard before voting for these fruit loops. Once they're in power it will be too late.