Xanana Smith, 20 was on a bad path with crime, but turned his life around, only to be the victim of crime after his car was stolen.
Xanana Smith, 20 was on a bad path with crime, but turned his life around, only to be the victim of crime after his car was stolen.

Thieves turn 20yo’s life upside down

A TOWNSVILLE university student who ditched the "ghetto" streets for textbooks says having his car stolen by a group of juveniles was the kind of life he worked to avoid.

Xanana Smith was asleep when two juveniles broke into his home, rifled through his couch for his car keys and stole his car from his driveway in the early hours of Friday morning.

The 20-year-old business student said he knew the lengths these offenders went to, because he'd nearly been there.

Mr Smith grew up in a "rough" area of Townsville with a family who didn't have much, hanging out with other kids who were often steering towards the wrong path.

He moved out as a teenager to try to get away from the scene and never looked back.


Xanana Smith, 20.
Xanana Smith, 20.


The Aitkenvale man saved up for his own car, was promoted to manager in a full-time job and enrolled in a university degree within five years. One of those achievements came crashing down as he chased his car down the street as it was being driven off by juveniles.

Mr Smith said losing his car was tough, but knowing the thieves were in his house while he was sleeping was "unnerving".

"I haven't been able to sleep properly," he said. "You move out of home and you try hard every day to get everything you want and need, and to have someone take it is just horrible."

Mr Smith said the kids were "ruining people's livelihoods. "By growing up around them I know these kids that are doing this would rather be in detention," he said.

Mr Smith was then hit with a $600 towing cost for his car, which was returned to him with damaged wheels and a wrecked interior.



Here is a list of all outstanding stolen cars for the past two weeks.

Qld 364 XSC - Black 2009 Mazda 3 Hatchback - stolen from Douglas on March 31

Qld 351 ZMP - White 2019 LDV T60 Dual cab - stolen from Gulliver on March 31

Qld 892 ZBD - Grey 2019 Toyota Rav 4 station wagon - stolen from Railway Estate on March 31

Qld 521 ZNT - Blue 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe station wagon - stolen from Idalia March 31

Qld 338 SRF - Beige 2012 Isuzu D-Max dual cab - stolen from Aitkenvale March 30

Qld 080 WNP - Red 1995 Nissan Patrol Station wagon - stolen from Townsville City on March 28

Qld 446 RYD - Grey 2011 Toyota LandCruiser utility - stolen from Paluma on March 24

Qld BOR 611 - White 2004 Toyota LandCruiser utility - stolen from Ingham on March 24

Qld 327 KSH - White 2004 Toyota LandCruiser station wagon - stolen from Ayr on March 24


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