A woman in Inala has been the target of numerous home robberies. Photo: Inga Williams / The Satellite
A woman in Inala has been the target of numerous home robberies. Photo: Inga Williams / The Satellite Inga Williams

Thieves target elderly woman

IT'S one thing to wake up to find thieves in your house.

It's another thing to see they've even made themselves a hot cup of Milo.

An 85-year-old woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, has become the target of a group of brazen bandits, who allegedly smash their way in and make themselves at home, literally.

The Inala resident said the string of terrifying robberies began in June this year.

She said one of the thieves knocked on her door asking if she had any kittens for sale.

The robber then asked for a glass of water and while inside stole her pension money.

In one of the latest attacks, the elderly woman said she awoke to sounds coming from her kitchen.

"When I got to the kitchen I saw a hot cup of Milo sitting on the bench and then someone hiding behind my fridge," she said.

"I started screaming and they told me to be quiet in my own house.

"They've taken my microwave, hot plate and all my jewellery except what I am wearing."

Long-time neighbour Carroll Weaver said she feared the worst for her friend.

"I don't want to come visit her one day to find her head smacked in and the jewellery she's wearing gone.

"I know it sounds bad to say but that's all she has left for them to take."

Mrs Weaver, who is a single mother-of-four, has paid for her neighbour's locks to be changed.

However she said that wasn't enough to stop the bandits, who then smashed a window to gain entry.

Ms Weaver said thousands of dollars worth of household goods, money and jewellery had been stolen.

She called on the community to help.

"I'm hoping to rally up some donations," she said.

"She needs household items and non-perishable food."

A Queensland Police spokesman said the matter was being investigated.


All donations can be dropped off at Richlands Councillor Milton Dick's office on the corner of Wirraway Pd and Corsair Ave.