Police confirm 21 rifles were stolen from a deceased estate in Vernor, Somerset. ​
Police confirm 21 rifles were stolen from a deceased estate in Vernor, Somerset. ​

Thieves target deceased estate, steal 20+ rifles

MORE than 20 legally-owned guns have ended up in the wrong hands, after thieves targeted the home of a deceased gun owner.

Police are working to hunt down those responsible for stealing a collection of firearms from the Somerset property.

Marburg Police acting officer in charge Sergeant Anthony Garland said 21 rifles were stolen from a property at Hecks Rd in Vernor.

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"The rural property has been vacant for about eight months after the licensee had passed away," Sgt Garland said.

"Obviously the family was still in the process of making arrangements for the distribution of property and sale of property.

"Those firearms had just been stored there."

Family members of the property's former occupant found the house had been broken into and guns were missing when they arrived at the property on April 7.

They reported the incident to police.

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"They realised the property had been broken into and that firearms and safes had been stolen," Sgt Garland said.

"(It happened) between March 17 and April 7."

The offender appeared to have levered open the rear door to the house to get in.

"One gun safe was removed from the property, with firearms still inside and the remaining firearms were removed from two other safes," Sgt Garland said.

"An angle grinder was used to cut open safes."

Police are investigating.

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