SkateAway Bundamba owner Deb Buttner.
SkateAway Bundamba owner Deb Buttner.

Thieves cause $10,000 worth of damage to skating business

AFTER rebuilding her business following the 2011 floods in a process that "nearly killed her", Debra Buttner won't let the latest setback shut her down.

SkateAway Bundamba was targeted by thieves again this week, causing what Ms Buttner estimated to be about $10,000 worth of damage.

Following the floods, thieves broke in and stole $60,000 worth of copper cabling and the same happened again two years ago.

On Wednesday afternoon about 2pm, CCTV captured a group of what look like four teenage boys and a girl breaking in while no one was there.

"They used a fire extinguisher and expelled it everywhere," Ms Buttner said.

"They've smashed one of the gaming machines that we have. Basically they've destroyed quite a lot of the upper level. It's not unusable but at the same time it's a headache.

"They've really done a lot of damage."

She said a few hundred dollars in change was stolen and believed she had been targeted by a former staff member or someone who was very familiar with the business.

"I keep (the change) very well hidden," she said.

"It had to have been someone who knows the place. They knew where every camera was except for one. They clearly knew the building, knew the lay out. They knew exactly where to go for (the change).

"I do have a couple of hidey holes and they've known where they are. This feels like someone who knows the business or is a very, very regular person. It's aimed to get at me."

It comes a week after upgrades were completed, which cost significant funds.

"This is quite a blow for me," she said.

"It won't close me because I won't let it.

"I've spent eight years rebuilding and it's been really tough, it took ages for us to pay back all the money.

"I'm only just now starting to find my feet and then things like this happen and you get kicked on your backside again. How much can a person take?"

Ms Buttner and her former husband David took over the roller skating rink in 2007 and their One Mile home also went under water.

A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said a 13-year-old has been dealt with under the Youth Justice Act and issued with a notice of caution.

"Investigations are still ongoing," she said.