A man has blamed his ice addiction after pleading guilty to 30 offences.
A man has blamed his ice addiction after pleading guilty to 30 offences.

Thieves caught hitching up horse float after burglary

A THIEF and his accomplice were caught out by a vigilant neighbour as they attempted to steal a horse float from a suburban property.

Police responded quickly, catching Shaun Neesom and his mate at the scene with items taken from the Ipswich house including trophies, a birth certificate, a ring and necklace.

An Ipswich court on Thursday heard Neesom was caught in a separate incident after drink driving and fleeing police, only to crash his Holden Statesman through a fence.

“I plead guilty to the lot,” a forthright Neesom said when he appeared at Ipswich Magistrates Court from jail via video-link to face sentence on 30 charges.

Neesom said ice addition was fuelling his offending and his aim was to get off the drug.

Shaun Nathan Neesom, 33, pleaded guilty to charges including dangerous operation of motor vehicle; evading police; unlawful use of a vehicle (horse float) at Flinders View in August 2019; failing to comply with duties of a driver involved in a crash at Riverview on September 7, 2019; obstructing police; drink driving when on a provisional licence at North Booval on February 22, 2020; three counts of failing to appear at court; entering premises to steal; possession of tainted property; and breaching a probation order.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said Neesom’s attempts to evade police after he was intercepted drink-driving on September 7 last year ended with a crash.

When told he would have to go to the police station for a further test, Mr Scott said Neesom became agitated and when an officer tried to open his car door, he drove off.

The officer had to take action to avoid being struck.

Police terminated the pursuit when Neesom began driving at an estimated speed of 120km/h in a 60 zone, crossing onto the incorrect side of the road on a blind crest.

Neesom’s Holden crashed into a tree and the fence at a Riverview home on Endeavour St. Witnesses told police the driver got out and ran onto train tracks.

Mr Scott said the offences were an escalation of his bad behaviour.

Defence lawyer Christy Louden said Neesom described himself as being “the black sheep of his family”.

“He will continue to address his drug use when released,” she said.

“He wants to tell you (Magistrate David Shepherd) that he contracted a staph infection in prison.

“They removed boils on his hand and they removed 15 stitches in November.

“He says the reason for the infection is that hygiene in prison is relatively poor.”

Magistrate David Shepherd said it was not clear how to get through to people the devastating and dangerous effects of illicit drugs, particularly methylamphetamine.

Mr Shepherd imposed a series of jail terms including a 16-month term for evading police; and other shorter jail terms.

He was disqualified from driving for more than two years. Neesom will receive parole on March 6.