'They're a bunch of dogs': Man cops fine for police slurs

A 41-year-old man has faced the Kingaroy magistrate on three charges this week, after he stopped his car in the middle of the street and yelled abuse at police officers.

On November 16 at 3.05pm, Kingaroy police were dealing with an unrelated matter on the footpath when Adrian John Kurtz stopped his black Ford Territory in the middle of the road.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said he yelled obscenities at police officers from his car.

"He stopped in the middle of the road and yelled, 'You need to go and charge that bus driver, you're nothing but a bunch of c----, f--- you dog c----, f--- you', he then placed his torso outside the car, flipped the finger at police officers and sped away," he said.

Sgt Gangemi said officers saw Kurtz walking down Murphy St 10 minutes later.

"Officers stopped him and told him he was being arrested for the earlier public nuisance matter," he said.

"He tensed up his arms and attempted to resist police.

"There was a short struggle but police were able to handcuff him.

"After the arrest, the defendant yelled, f--- off d---head'. He then yelled to a member of the public, 'It's alright lady, they're a bunch of dogs'."

Sgt Gangemi said Kurtz committed the offence less than two weeks after being in court for another public nuisance offence.

Lawyer Chris Campbell said Kurtz's medication for anger, depression and anxiety had doubled since the last time he appeared in court.

"Last time he appeared he was irate and angry. This time he's much calmer," Mr Campbell said.

"He said it feels like electricity is running through him and it fires him off.

"He says that has disappeared and he doesn't feel anxious.

"His outlook is much more positive and by all accounts things are getting back on track."

Magistrate Louisa Pink fined Kurtz $1100 for the charge of obstructing police, and the two charges of public nuisance.

"This happened two weeks after you were last convicted of public nuisance," she said.

"It seems that you had a traffic incident, but rather than pursuing that in the usual way, you stopped in the road, abused police, obstructed police, then abused police again."

The convictions were recorded.

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