Councillor David Pahlke reflects on his upcoming sacking.
Councillor David Pahlke reflects on his upcoming sacking. Cordell Richardson

'They'll sack anyone to stay in power': Pahlke slams Labor

A SITTING councillor has slammed last week's "crisis" meeting organised by Labor members and declared the party will do anything it can to stay in power.

Division 10 councillor David Pahlke took aim after the QT yesterday revealed party members met and endorsed a Labor campaign for the next council election.

It was revealed members also discussed the looming dismissal of the Labor-aligned Ipswich City Council.

Cr Pahlke, who stood for the Nationals' 15 years ago, declared the meeting was about shoring up support.

"It's the same dodgy dealings and it's just Labor trying to take control of what they see as their rightful heartland - the same as the LNP is trying to do on the Gold Coast," he said.


Councillor David Pahlke reflects on his upcoming sacking.
Councillor David Pahlke has again hit out at the Labor Party. Cordell Richardson

The Rosewood councillor's stinging rebuttal comes as the state's Minister for Local Government Stirling Hinchliffe considers removing the whole council.

"It's all about the party," he said. "They don't care who they sack as long as they get the party back into power. If an innocent Labor councillor is sacked they don't care."

Cr Pahlke said the government was attempting to distance itself from claimed knowledge about alleged corruption in Labor's Ipswich City Council. He called for the party to stay out of the Ipswich council.

"Party politics have no place in local government," he said.

"Haven't they learnt from 1994," he said, referring to all but one Labor councillor being defeated at an election.

Cr Pahlke has previously warned of the Labor Party's intentions in Ipswich.

In January 2016 he said an orchestrated takeover of Ipswich City Council was well underway.