'Tried to kill me too': Cyclist's close call with killer

BEFORE killing cyclist Stephen Small, two men in a ute tried to run down fellow rider Rod Wilcox.

The incident happened only 30 minutes before the 42-year-old father of one was hit and killed by a white ute driven by Nathan Craig MacDonald on March 14 last year while riding on Eumundi-Noosa Rd.

Mr Wilcox was headed home to Noosaville after a ride to Sunshine before he was attacked by the two men, who dragged him alongside their vehicle, and soon after attempted to run him over.

"They were definitely out to kill me. There was nothing about cyclists...it was all just abuse about nothing. It was almost like a game for them," Mr Wilcox said.

"You couldn't reason with them, they were out to do damage that day. I don't care whether they were on drugs or alcohol, they made decisions that day."

Still shaken by the incident, the married father-of-two was riding solo in the bike lane through Noosaville when he was approached.

"All of a sudden I looked to my right and I could feel somebody beside me. This white ute pulled right up beside me in the bike lane and grabbed my hand onto the side of the car and I just looked at him in shock," Mr Wilcox said.


"He had black sunglasses on and he just looked at me with an evil smile. I thought I knew him...'who would do this' I was thinking.

"He started to try and pull me in as I was riding and the driver was trying to corner me into a parked car as well.

"They were carrying on, with all sorts of things, saying you are an effing this and an effing that. All sorts of names - over nothing - it was just me at five o-clock in the afternoon."

After letting go, the white ute sped off.

With seemingly no one around, Mr Wilcox gathered his thoughts before getting back in the saddle and trying to get home to phone the police.

Heading toward the yacht club, the Great Wall dual cab was stopping and starting on the roadside before it went out of sight. Ascending a hill Mr Wilcox saw the vehicle again.

"I rode past and slowed down. As I am riding past I slowed and I said 'I've got your number plate and I'm reporting you to the police'," he said. "They got out of the car and started giving me the abuse again. One said 'I want to kill you, you f*cking idiot'. All I remember was those words: 'I'm going to kill you' from the passenger."


Both returned to the vehicle and then launched another attack near Ely St.

"The wheels started going and the driver just revved the car and came at me," Mr Wilcox said.

"He went at me full-bore. I rode my bike behind the power pole and he came within centimetres. I can't estimate how many kilometres an hour he was going, but it was high speed.

"If I hadn't of had that power pole there I have no doubt I would have been run over."

The ute drove onto the path, through some front yards and up the street.

Witnesses quickly came to Mr Wilcox's aid and called the police.

Data from his GPS-enabled watch and heart rate monitor tells the story. His heart rate peaking at more than 165 beats per minute while travelling at zero kilometres per hour - the highest point on his entire 1hr35min ride.

"As soon as they sped off I yelled these guys are going to kill somebody. They had intent on killing me," he said.