‘They could have killed my dog’

A WOMAN was forced to jump into her luxury car and reverse it at armed thieves trying to carjack her in the driveway of her home.

The baseball bat-wielding thieves were in the midst of a 20-minute crime blitz in which they stole the phone and handbag of another woman and a man's BMW.

The terrifying attempted carjacking has left the Porsche owner, who asked not to be named, scared and shaken.

She said she was returning to Waitomo St home about 10.20pm on Wednesday after dropping off clothes at a Lifeline bin to donate clothes when she noticed a car driving without its lights on.

"They followed me into my driveway," she said. "I've got an electric gate and they've pushed it open, one of the guys had a baseball bat.

The man was armed with a baseball bat. Picture: Supplied
The man was armed with a baseball bat. Picture: Supplied

"He was threatening my life. While pointing the bat at me, he was saying he wanted my keys, so I jumped back in my car. He was screaming at me.

"He freaked out when I jumped into the car and put it in reverse. There was a guy in the driver's seat and the guy jumped into the back seat.

"I reversed back to where he was and chased them to try and catch them, while calling police. It was full on, I'm worried they're going to come back."

She said it felt like she was in the middle of a home invasion.

"The last thing I wanted to do was give them the keys so they could rob the house.

"It all happened so fast. He was saying he was going to bash me. It was terrifying. I was in escape mode."

The woman said she wished she could have got to her home to let out her guard dog.

"I've got a rottweiler inside and I was thinking, 'how do I get to the door and let him out', but I couldn't get to the door fast enough.

"He is a great security dog, but he was inside. I don't even know, they could have killed my dog."

Earlier, about 10.15pm, the men robbed a woman on the corner of Australia and Jubilee avenues, before driving to the Porsche owner's home. After that unsuccessful attempt they drove to Maureen Crt in Broadbeach and threatened a man. They eventually stole his 2004 BMW.

Detective Senior Sergeant Toby Wilkinson praised the actions of the woman.

"You'd want to remove yourself from that dangerous situation, jumping in your car and locking your door and driving off," Sen-Sgt Wilkinson said.

The woman attempted to reverse her car into the thieves. Picture: Supplied
The woman attempted to reverse her car into the thieves. Picture: Supplied

"If that opportunity presents, get out of there, you certainly don't want to engage any of these people, certainly in a dangerous situation."

He said police were trying to hunt down the thieves. Both cars, a silver Ford Falcon and BMW hatch, had not been found.

"At this stage the identity of those outstanding offenders is unknown and we haven't located that motor vehicle either.

"These offences cause concern obviously. It would appear that the offenders weren't known to any of the victims at this stage. They were random incidents.

"We would appeal to the public for anyone that has information with respect to the identity of these offenders or the outstanding stolen motor vehicles."

Anyone with information is urged to contact Policelink on 131 444.