‘They are armed, you would have come off second best’

AN Ipswich man has copped a verbal spray from a magistrate after a court heard he threatened to stab a female police officer in the throat.

Daniel McGuigan, 35, of Brassall, on Friday pleaded guilty to charges including being drunk in public, public nuisance, and obstructing police.

Magistrate David Shepherd was told police were called to Pine Mountain Rd, Brassall about 5.45pm on June 16, where they saw McGuigan was acting in an agitated manner.

McGuigan told police he had been drinking for several hours, but when they told him he was not allowed to drink in public, he became abusive.

The court heard that despite several warnings that he would be arrested, McGuigan persisted, saying: “F*** it arrest me then,” and also: “F*** you, you dogs.”

The encounter escalated further, with McGuigan threatening to smash a bottle of alcohol in the face of one of the police officers, and threatening to stab another officer in the throat with a knife.

The court heard McGuigan was not actually armed with a knife at the time.

As police attempted to arrest him, he resisted by trying to walk away, the court was told.

McGuigan’s defence lawyer said he had recently gone through a relationship breakdown and his father had also died.

McGuigan had joined a program to assist with his mental health and substance abuse.

Mr Shepherd said McGuigan’s situation with the police was an example of how situations could escalate very quickly when alcohol was involved.

“The consumption of alcohol in any quantity when mixed with the medication that you take now - and I don’t know whether you were on that at the time or not - is very problematic,” he said.

“You’re probably well aware of this. You don’t need me to be telling you this but if you’ve got alcohol problems on top of being medicated that’s something you’re going to have to deal with very smartly.”

Mr Shepherd said he understood McGuigan had experienced personal loss recently but scolded him for his behaviour towards police.

“If you go around behaving this way and threatening police officers with a knife… you can find yourself with a serious problem,” he said.

“Those officers may feel circumstances have escalated where they need to defend themselves and they are the ones who are armed, not you. Guess who’s going to come out second best?”

McGuigan was fined $650 for all offences and a conviction was recorded.