Brown boots.
Brown boots.

These boots are made for strutting

Boots are a winter staple never to be underestimated.

We all have our favourite kicks that do the trick, but fashion trends are opening up our eyes to new styles and ways to make a statement while strutting.

Queensland fashion stylist Anna Mabin says high tops and pointed sock-style are popular trends we're seeing this winter.

"(I love) knee-high boots and pointed toe sock boots,” Anna says.

Knee high boots.
Knee-high boots.

High boots can even provide extra leg warmth for those of us not ready to put away our short dresses and, as the great Sophie from Geordie Shore once said, "expose the thigh when the boot is high”.

"Short dresses look great with a flat thigh-high boot,” Anna says.

"Even though you're in total comfort not wearing heels, the thigh-high style gives a touch of sass to the outfit without showing too much skin.”

Anna says boots with short or midi-length bottoms add a touch of sophistication to an outfit, and you can opt for a bold colour to really step it up.

"I love a boot with culottes or a mid-length skirt,” Anna says.

"Be sure to pick a heel that has a little height and also something quite fitted.

"The sock boot is great for giving a sleek long line. (And) it's hard to go past a red boot for statement.”

Red boots.
Red boots.

With versatility and myriad styles to choose from, Anna says it's easy to accommodate all body types wanting to get their boots on the ground.

"If you're self-conscious about your ankles, try a knee-high boot this season,” Anna says.

"If you need extra room around the calves, check out brands like Wittner. Boots with elastic at the back can allow room in the legs but still give you a snug fit.”