BARBIE KING: Sausage master Rob Glenny has one piece of advice.
BARBIE KING: Sausage master Rob Glenny has one piece of advice. Brett Wortman

There’s one snag to the perfect banger

WITH tens of thousands of snags set to hit the hotplates of Aussie barbies today, Rob Glenny has some timely advice.

Put your snags on at a low temperature and gradually increase to a medium heat, turn every two minutes until they're golden brown and never, ever, ever prick the skin.

And the boss at Master Meats Warana should know what he's talking about.

His sausages were named the best in Queensland at last year's state finals of the National Sausage King Competition.

Next weekend he will travel to the NSW Hunter Valley, where he will vie for the title of Australia's best in the traditional pork sausage category.

A veteran butcher of 35 years, Mr Glenny said he was constantly tinkering with his recipes in search of a better sausage.

His secret is to use the best cuts of meat and to have a low percentage of fat.

"I know all butchers say they use good quality meat, but it's also important to use the best selected meat from the carcass," he said.

"I use the leg meat and the shoulder meat.

"The shoulder has natural gluten, which helps bind the sausage so they don't fall apart.

"We also make a very lean sausage."

And while he says cooking the perfect sausage is not rocket science, he recoils in horror at the thought of anyone pricking a snag with a fork.

"Never ever prick a sausage," he says.

"If you prick them all the flavour comes out."