Acting mayor Wayne Wendt
Acting mayor Wayne Wendt Rob Williams

Facebook warriors? They're the least of our fears, Cr Wendt

THE council may well feel like it is getting a raw deal from the media.

I would suggest it is the ratepayers who are getting a raw deal with this cloud hanging over our city.

We know it is a city with so much to offer but it has been cast into national headlines for all of the wrong reasons over the past 12 months.

Acting mayor Wayne Wendt says he knows about 80 per cent of the population supports the council not being put in to administration because he is "getting out there talking to my councillors, much more so than the Facebook warriors that you media seem to pick up on". Hardly seems like robust polling to me.

And I can assure the mayor that we do not make our editorial decisions based on Facebook warriors.

I'm not suggesting that we have any definitive numbers on how much of the city's population would like to see the council stay or go and I have spoken to many people who don't see that as the way forward at all.

But if the council cannot recognise there are more people out there than just the 'vocal minority' on Facebook who are disillusioned with the current council because of recent events, it raises for me real concerns about how we do move forward should the council remain in its current form.