ACCUSED OF MURDER: Former nurse Megan Jean Haines is accused of murdering two residents at a Ballina nursing home.
ACCUSED OF MURDER: Former nurse Megan Jean Haines is accused of murdering two residents at a Ballina nursing home.

'There's like 10 coppers waiting to search my home'

AUDIO intercepted from accused double-murderer Megan Jean Haines's bugged phone just days after she allegedly injected two nursing home residents with fatal insulin doses has been played before Sydney Supreme Court.

The trial into the deaths of Marie Darragh, 82, and Isabella Spencer, 77, heard Ms Haines talking to a man about police searching her home in Ballina.

Her voice was high-pitched and childlike.

"Yesterday I went to the doctor; I came home and there's like 10 coppers waiting to search my unit," Ms Haines said in the recording.

She said officers were "in the garage wiping down the car which I haven't washed in ages" and "they said that on Saturday there was medication given to some patients and whatever".

"So they searched, searched, searched my house for two or three hours," she added.

Ms Haines told the man police had taken a bag and medication found at her home as evidence.

"Trouble is, all our passports are in that bag," she continued on the recording.

"They didn't say what they came for so they just took random crap."

Ms Haines said police were looking for high-schedule drugs like valium and diazepam, and said they would not tell her if she was the only person being investigated.

At one point the man on the other end of the phone appeared to mishear Ms Haines when she told him two people were apparently administered the wrong drugs.

"To what? To kill them?" he said.

"No, to two people," Ms Haines corrected him.

Documents before the court showed police had a warrant to monitor Ms Haines's phone calls and text messages between May 12 - two days after the women died - and July 7.

They listened to 475 separate phone calls and reviewed 640 text messages.

The court has previously heard the two women died after filing formal complaints against Ms Haines, who was the only registered nurse working at the St Andrew's aged care centre in Ballina in May 2014.

Homicide Squad Detective Sergeant Darren Gunn, who led the police investigation, said time sheets confirmed Ms Haines was the only rostered-on staff member whose swipe card gave her access to the nursing home's medication room.

But the jury last week heard a lightning strike had damaged the equipment that recorded which swipe key may have been used to access the locked room.

Det Sgt Gunn said police removed several insulin vials, pens and ampoules from sharps bins throughout the centre but found no fingerprints or DNA matching Ms Haines, Ms Darragh or Ms Spencer.