IS THERE a bong or a bomb?

That may well have been the question on every Mullumbimby local's mind yesterday, when police locked down streets around the Commonwealth Bank and council chambers after an improvised explosive device was found in a laneway.

An exclusion zone was set up and the bomb squad was called in, and a shirtless Jacob Stewart couldn't resist conveying his shock to the local media.

He grabbed a Channel 7 microphone and said the whole drama was a "bit of an actual shock".

"It's just like, whoa, someone's actually put a bomb in Mullumbimby, that's actually quite unbelievable," he told news crews.

"It's actually quite shocking.

"I mean, I've heard of bongs in Mullumbimby but definitely not bombs.

"That's what I said to the police officer, I'm like, 'is there a bong or a bomb in the town?'

"I mean, that's unreal.

"Oh well, blessed be, I really hope this gets dealt with and no-one's injured and, like, hurt.

"This is my peaceful paradise, and something like that, it's a bit of actual shock. Holy crap."