18 confirmed cases of Hep A thought caused by frozen berries

THERE are now 18 confirmed cases of hepatitis A in Australia - including seven in Queensland and seven in NSW - from the outbreak which is believed to have come from packets of frozen berries.

While company Patties Foods says there are still no firm links between the outbreak and its recalled Nanna's frozen mixed berries, authorities say the berries have been the only common exposure for cases.

Three people in Victoria and one person in Western Australia have also contracted hepatitis A.

The disease is not life threatening and most people recover with rest and fluids. It is spread via food and water.

The Department of Agriculture has confirmed that 100% of Patties berries from the processing facility associated with the recent outbreak were being held, pending testing.

The berries were imported from China.

"Anyone who has eaten the recalled frozen berries and feels unwell should consult their GP," a Department of Health spokeswoman said.