The RSPCA wants arrows tracked in Queensland

THE RSPCA is pushing for a registration system to allow identification of arrows sold in Queensland.

Former inspector Laurie Stageman said there were only a few places in Rockhampton that would sell arrows to archers, but they don't keep records of who they sell them to.

He said this didn't mean the RSPCA couldn't currently track down offenders, but a registration system would ensure the majority were traceable.

Mr Stageman said this was sparked after the RSPCA were called to a lot of kangaroos with arrows in them, or carrying arrow injuries, behind Wilson Park in Brisbane.

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Yes, if gun owners have to register their weapons, so to should archers


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"The kangaroos are that friendly you can stand one metre away from them," he said.

New inspector in Central Queensland, Claire Gordon, said animals inhumanely killed or injured by archers were not limited to Brisbane or Rockhampton.

"It is a widespread problem. We do get a lot of reports to the RSPCA in multiple regions of animals being shot by arrows," she said.

"Some arrows are easy to track. Some of them are customed.

"However, some are harder to track down so it just depends on the individual arrow."